Fabrics and care


Fabrics and care

One of the main fabrics our company selected for production is the Italian Vuelta techno-fabric of  Carvico SpA, the  leader in the production of fabrics for professional sports.

One of the main advantages of this fabric is durability under extremely intensive use and frequent washings.

With proper care, the fabric has a long life. This fabric is recommended  to launder in “gentle” mode, at a temperature of 40″C, with manual extraction. Using of bleaching materials, drying with heating devices and batteries are unacceptable. Ironing – slightly warm iron. Dry clean..

If you have any questions on the care of the product or need professional advice, our staff will provide you with expert help and give detailed response to all questions.



A brushed techno-fabric  Vuelta (produced by Carvico SpA) is designed for people seriously involved in the sport.  We chose this fabric because it is not only elastic and heat-resistant, but also because it is particularly  pleasant on the skin (which is very important  especially for children) . Clothing made of Vuelta fabric protects without restricting movement and without interfering with the work.
The brushing treatment it undergoes increases its thermal insulation power, creating a sort of protective cushion.
Its excellent breathability and the antibacterial treatment applied to this exclusive fabric, boost the natural moisture wicking process, preventing bacteria proliferation and the consequent creation of bad smell.
VUELTA is breathable and very suitable for the manufacture of clothing for difficult conditions (cold, heat, high abrasion, frequent washing, etc.).

Increased durability and resistance to abrasion of this fabric  give you the opportunity for a long time to enjoy your favorite sports clothing.


85% Polyamide

15% Elastane



For decoration of clothing we use techno-fabric Colorado, made of micro-polyamide with an extremely soft and silky hand feel.It is also UV protective (UPF 50+) Pink, blue, yellow, green and orange decorations almost do not change color and are in use as long as possible.

80% Polyamide micro

20% Elastane



For some models we use bi-elastic, anti-bacterial, brushed techno-fabric Artica. This fabric is  dense and has a high resistance to abrasion, bacteria and unpleasant smell.


57% Polyamide

28% Polyester

15% Elastane


Our fabrics producer is CARVICO

Competence and expertise coming from its glorious past and eyes set onto the future are the key elements of Carvico’s philosophy and approach to business. Carvico operates on a global scale offering its customers the same level of efficiency all over the world and a range of innovative fabrics of undisputed and unparalleled quality, matching the strictest international standards. These are the main factors which have turned our amazing journey into a 50-year-long success story.