Dress “Velvet” black and pink

94.49 $

Training dress “Velvet”is made from the techno-fabric of Italian production Vuelta.

New range of dresses for the training collection in 2017-2018 .

Simple, concise, not overloaded with details dress upon closer mesmerizes upon closer inspection by the light silhouette, the impeccable style and the exclusive finishes. We have tried to make this model the most practical, beautiful and restrained, to meet the demand of consumers who don’t need bright, flashy and fanciful designs. The name for the model was given due to the fact that our designers for the first time in their experience in decoration of dresses used velvet thermal transfer appliques, encrusted with crystals Swarovski. Please note that the colour scheme and decoration of the dress can vary. You can choose any colour combinations and combine it with any finishes.

The perfect fit emphasizes the best way the dignity of all young athletes. Original design, perfect cut and slim line silhouette give to this dress a unique charm.

It is impossible to ignore the fabrics from which we made our model. Soft, warm and pleasant to the touch fabric of the Italian factory Carvico SpA is the perfect addition to the refined design of the model, and provides beautiful colours. You can verify this on our website in the section “Fabric and care”


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art. Vuelta – 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane
art. Malaga/Morea – 85% Polyamide Micro, 15% Elastane

art. Colorado — 80% Polyamide Micro, 20% Elastane

Swarovski rhinestone

Velvet thermal applique

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