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термокомплект тодес мальчик серо-синий боковой задний видтермокомплект тодес мальчик серо-синий вид спередитермокомплект тодес мальчик серо-синий вид спереди2термокомплект тодес мальчик серо-синий  задний вид

Outfit “Todes” gray-blue and white

105.82 $

Training outfit “Todes” for boys is made of the Italian techno-fabric Vuelta .

New model range of collection of thermo clothes  for boys 2015-2016 – set  “Todes”.

The undeniable advantage of   “Todes” (consisting  of  jacket  and pants ) is a perfect cut and meticulously refined details. The most complex and attractive  details are the collar and cuffs, made of fabric- companion, and raised lines of the jacket and pants , highlighted in contrasting stitching and finishing, and which are the main accents of the model. All of these components are the best way to allocate the figure of a young athlete on the ice, providing a perfect fit. Winning Raglan sleeve accentuates the sporty mood and  makes  the jacket the most convenient and comfortable.

Vuelta, in turn, ensures good extensibility in four directions, maintainability, and excellent fit. Excellent thermal insulation properties, along with optimum breathability, as well as, antibacterial treatment fabric make this suit even and comfortable as possible. In addition, the costume is made of fabric is extremely practical, extremely resistant to pilling and abrasion as well as extremely durable. We remind you that the color combination of this model can change according to your desire.

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Product Description

art. Vuelta — 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane
art. Colorado — 80% Polyamide Micro, 20% Elastane