термоплатье IceArt  белый+брусника боковой  вид
термоплатье IceArt  белый+брусника передний видтермоплатье IceArt  белый+брусника задний видтермоплатье IceArt  белый+брусника боковой передний видтермоплатье IceArt  белый+брусника боковой  видтермоплатье IceArt  белый+брусника боковой  вид крупный план

Dress “IceFashion” (cowberry and white)

94.49 $

Training dress “IceFashion” is made from the techno-fabric of Italian production Vuelta.

“Ice fashion” This dress represents the sports fashion 2018-2019. Contrast combination of colors, constructive design and asymmetry principle became the basis of that set. Precise lines and extraordinary skirt makes the dress even more catchy and mindbending. We wanted to create a set that would make your child look stylish and feel self-confident. The fabric is warm, soft and really comfortable.

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Product Description

art. Vuelta – 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane
art. Malaga/Morea – 85% Polyamide Micro, 15% Elastane

art. Colorado — 80% Polyamide Micro, 20% Elastane

thermal applique