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Outfit “Snowflake” mint

102.25 $

Training outfit “Snowflake”  for figure skating is made of the Italian techno-fabric Vuelta
We  are pleased to present the familiar in a whole new fashion world  colour mint. This color is individually painted in Italy for our company.

The undoubted highlight of the set consisting of jacket  and leggings  is the perfect cut and colour. Complex relief lines provide a perfect fit and the best way accentuate the figure. The cut sleeve “Raglan” winning way sports emphasizes the mood of the model, makes the jacket the most convenient and comfortable, and the new colour scheme will not leave the child invisible. Leggings made of techno-fabric is a reliable and practical item of equipment for  the very young and adult skaters. They are now also coloured. Black colour blends in perfectly with the fuchsia . Our leggings  have a perfect fit, high resistance to pilling, good breathability and a secure fit. The clasp «carbine» guarantees absolute freedom of movement.
And of course, the most striking design accent is a decorative element of the model. Collar, cap sleeve and embellished leggings thermal transfer applique snowflakes of different diameter. This application attracts the eye, emphasizes the mood and makes the model exceptional.

The Vuelta, in turn, ensures good extensibility in four directions, recoverability, and perfect fit. This is an extremely practical fabric, resistant to pilling and abrasion, it is extremely durable. Excellent insulation properties and anti-bacterial fabric with optimal breathability, make the suit as comfortable as possible.

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art. Vuelta – 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane;