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Outfit “Line” red

121.60 $

Training outfit “Line” for figure skating is made of the Italian techno-fabric Vuelta and Colorado.

Set “Line” is a carefully selected and thoughtful mix of patterns, colours and accessories.

We are pleased to offer you one of the variants of combination – set “Line” in red and white. The kit includes : stirrup leggings and bodysuit in black, red-and-white skirt, elongated Bolero in red with white trim and boot covers.

Concise, discreet, spectacular “Line” set creates a wonderful mood, gives self-confidence and moves us towards new victories and achievements. No little skater will not go unnoticed on the ice wearing this set..We offer several finish colours: crimson, pink, blue, turquoise, purple, green, red and orange. Detailed information about the fabrics from which we sew this set you’ll find on our site.

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Product Description

art. Vuelta — 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane
art. Colorado — 80% Polyamide Micro, 20% Elastane