тембинезон квад темно-серый с мятным боковой передний вид
тембинезон квад темно-серый с мятным боковой задний видтембинезон квад темно-серый с мятным боковой передний вид

Overall “Quad” (dark gray + emerald + white)

99.80 $

Thermo-overalls “Quad” for young skaters is made of the Italian techno-fabric Vuelta.

Comfortable and practical novelty of the season 2017-2018. Vivid design solution will not leave your baby unnoticed on the ice. Sporty, dynamic character of the model, combined with practicality – undeniable merits of this product.

The ability to combine the basic colours and colour companion allows to satisfy everyone: lovers of very bright colours, and those who prefer a more quiet tone. In our online store, there are eight possible colour combinations. But this is not the limit! Show your creative imagination and we will make it real for you and your child.

Great fit always ensures smart slender appearance for your child, and small details such as cuff-semi-gloves, collar and hooks, fastened under the shoe, ensure perfect comfort. The Italian production fabric Vuelta has a beautiful stretch quantities in all directions, and also excellent indicators of recoverability. You will appreciate the increased durability of the product, even under extremely heavy use and daily washings. The fabric, from which overalls is sewn, is specially designed for the production of sports goods and meets the highest technical requirements.

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Product Description

art. Vuelta — 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane;