тембинезон skating черный скоралловым боковой задний вид
тембинезон skating черный с коралловым  задний видтембинезон skating черный с коралловым боковой передний видтембинезон skating черный скоралловым боковой задний вид

Overall “Skating” (black + coral + white)

98.80 $

Training thermo-overalls “Skating” is made of the Italian technofabric Vuelta.

“Skating” – is the new model from the new collection for girls 2017-2018. It is bright, dynamic, sporty, with undeniable advantages, practical and convenient as well.

Perfect cut and meticulously crafted asymmetrical details of this overalls distinguish it from the line of models we presented before. These components highlight the figure of the young athletes on the ice, showing the sporty mood and providing a great fit. The model looks original and attractive in any projection. The ability to combine the basic colours and colour companion allows to satisfy tastes of the most demanding customers. We introduce eight colour combinations of this model. But this is not the limit. You can offer any individual combination of colours and we gladly make it happen.

We also should mention the excellent insulating properties of our new model. The overalls will protect the child's body from cold , will allow sweat to evaporate instantly, leaving the skin dry. Unpleasant odors must not be delayed by the suit. Thanks to its unique composition of techno-fabric. The fabric from which overalls is sewn is specially designed for the production of sports goods and meets the highest technical requirements.

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Product Description

art. Vuelta — 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane;