термоповязка Бабочка фуксия+черный
термоповязки Бабочка в ассортиментетермоповязка Бабочка фуксия+черный

Two-color warm headband with a velvet butterfly (fuchsia + black)

20.00 $

Two-color warm headband with a velvet butterfly.

Headband with velvet butterfly is a great accessory that not only complements the outer image of a young figure skater, giving it a coquetry and charm, but also supports the hair and will protect from the cold. We offer any color scheme of this accessory. You can pick up a headband in the color of the main fabric and the bow in the colour of a companion or on the contrary.

Size S corresponds to a head circumference up to 54cm, M: 55cm, and more.

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Product Description


art. Vuelta — 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane;

art. Velvet — 90% Polyester, 10%  Lycra;

Swarovski crystals