Overall “Axel” dark blue with blue

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Training overall “Axel” is made of   Italian Vuelta fabric.

“Axel”   is   a  new  range of thermo- clothing collection for boys 2015-2016. Bright,  dynamic,  sporty model with indisputable advantages which are practicality and comfort.

The undeniable advantage of the overalls “Axel”, is a perfect cut and meticulously refined details. The most complex and attractive parts are contrasting raised panels, and finger-palupera, made of fabric-companion, as well as the complex relief lines , dedicated finishing, contrast stitching, and which are the main accents of the model. All of these components are the best way to allocate the figure of a young athlete on the ice, providing a perfect fit.  Raglan sleeve accentuates the sporty mood, making the overall the most convenient and comfortable. This makes the model an original and attractive in any projection.  The ability to combine primary colors and color-companionway can satisfy the most demanding customers.

Our overalls will protect the child's body from the cold, will allow sweat to evaporate instantly, leaving the skin dry. Unpleasant odors must not be delayed by the suit because of fabric’s unique composition . This fabric is  specially designed for the production of sports goods and meets the highest technical requirements.


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art. Vuelta — 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane;

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